Sure hot dogs and apple pie are the All-American treats a lot of us will be chowing down on this 4th of July, but don't forget the perfect compliment to whatever you're having this holiday weekend - ICE CREAM!

Regardless which part of South Dakota you're in this weekend, the website says you're not too far away from one of the Rushmore State's best spots for ice cream.

In their story, 'These 7 Ice Cream Shops In South Dakota Will Make Your Sweet Tooth Go CRAZY', they hit some well known - and some not so well known - South Dakota ice cream meccas:

  1. B & G Milky Way – Sioux Falls
  2. Twist Cone – Aberdeen
  3. Gus’ Best Ice Cream – Hot Springs
  4. The Silver Lining Creamery – Rapid City
  5. Leones’ Creamery – Spearfish
  6. Armadillo’s Ice Cream – Rapid City
  7. Edgar’s – Elk Point

Is your favorite on this list?

Is there a place they forgot?

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