I had a great question emailed to me this week from a listener who wants to know "When do you know you've reached your destination?"

To find the answer I phoned the Regional Operations Engineer for the State Transportation Department.

My question was, "When traveling the interstate, you see signs saying so many miles to a certain city.  Does that mean so many miles to the city limits, to the center of the city, to the exit of the city, or what?"

I was officially told it varies from community to community, but the general rule of thumb is it's the number of miles to a point at, or near the city where a traveler would most logically say, "By golly, we're here."

That, in turn, led myself and the person I was visiting with down a completely different path - traveling when we were kids.

For a lot of people, traveling in the car means traveling with kids.  Does anyone else remember playing car games while growing up?

Some of the games my sister and I would play was "Slug Bug" - first person to spot a Volkswagen Beetle got to slug the other person.

Another one was "The One Eyed Monster" - first person to spot a car with only one working headlight or taillight won.

And then there was the "State Game" where you had to see how many different license plates you could spot.

My all time favorite memory though was when I would sing the world's most annoying car song.  I would sing it over and over and drive my sister - and my folks - nuts.

I would sing it to the tune of "Clementine."


In the backseat, down the middle, is a line no one can see.  It divides this side from that side, and this side belongs to me.


Don't you cross it, don't you cross it, the imaginary line.  Stay on your half, stay off my half, that is yours and this is mine.

Ah, the memories - Happy travels!