What is Women's Winter? Well, let me tell you. You may hear others refer to it as Summer, but for many women, that work in an office type setting, it is Women's Winter.

A time when outside is gorgeous, but inside the A/C is cranked to the max so women (and some men) are forced to dress in layers and never put away their winter clothes.

I suffer from Women's Winter as well as some of my colleagues. I know some men think women are just complaining to get attention. I had one such co-worker and I kindly asked him if he had ever seen my arms? After a brief moment of thought, he replied with a simple, "No." He has never seen my arms because they are always hidden under layers of clothing. One time a co-worker gave me a hard time for having a space heater on in July, so I put my icy fingers on his arm and he jerked away in shock. Yes, I am that cold.

Sometimes when I think of all the cute short sleeved tops that never get worn, or do get worn, but then quickly covered up with a sweater, it makes me sad. I could be so much cuter at work if it wasn't so cold.

The genius minds at College Humor understand the struggle and did an awesome parody of Game of Thrones. Women's Winter is coming!

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