The debate is on, what is more important, spending time on sites like Facebook and YouTube or getting a good night's sleep?

It would appear sleep is beginning to lose that battle.

An increasing number of people feel it's more important to hangout on Facebook or play online games like "Words With Friends" than get a solid eight plus hours of sleep each night according to a new study.

Americans fascination with email, social media, and online games is starting to take precedence over sleeping. The typical person now spends an average of eight hours and 41 minutes a day messing around with their phone, tablet and computer.

The study found the average person, if they're lucky spends eight hours and 21 minutes sleeping each day.

If the study is close to being accurate, we now spend 20 more minutes each day with technology than we do curled up in our beds counting sheep.

Even when we get in bed, there are still some of us that can't seem to quit scratching that social media itch. One in 10 still feel the need to play around on our smartphones and send emails from bed.

Source: Daily Mail