Our friend Melissa says the secret to a happy vacation is using a travel agent. She should know because she is a good one! But believe it or not, a vacation planning company and psychology researcher put their heads together and created a "Road to Happiness" study which studied important aspects of some of the most blissful vacations.

  • Planning - -for some people, (including the guy I work with in the morning), this is the most fun part. It also can save you money when it comes to booking flights, cruises, car rentals and more. Saving money always makes me happy!
  • Go somewhere- -yes the economy has led to many a staycation, (believe me, I know) but some of the most satisfying vacations are the ones that actually take you somewhere far from home.


  • Splurge- -it is your vacation for crying out loud! You've planned it, taken time off and you may never get to do this again. If there is some activity you're dying to try, now's the time. Spend the money! Most people don't regret it.
  • Ask for help when you need it- -if your planning skills end with- where you want to go, and vacation planning is just another stress you don't need- call a travel agent, (that's for you Mel) or company to do the planning for you. Then just pack your bags and go!

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