Within the last six months or so the economy has been all of the place and a lot of people have been either buying or selling quite a bit of stock.

But if you are new to buying stock it can be difficult trying to decide which companies are the best to buy into and which ones to stay away from for the time being.

According to Investors.com, these are the top five best stocks to buy if you have some extra money for the best return on your investment or at least add to your watch list.

  • Dexcom (DXCM)
  • Five9 (FIVN)
  • West Pharmaceutical Services (WST)
  • Teladoc Health (TDOC)
  •  Wingstop (WING)

Why these five stocks? Well, three out of the five listed above are in the medical equipment and supplies distribution industry. Dexcom sells glucose monitors and insulin pumps that have brought quick changes to how doctors are able to treat diabetes in patients.

Five 9 offers business communication software that provides their clients to "deploy new customer services agents in any geographic location."

West Pharmaceutical Services, now this is the one out of all the five listed I would personally invest in now if given that chance, as it has been added to IBD's Long-Term Leaders watchlist. WST medical supply stock has been definitely seeing a direct impact on their sales due to the pandemic.

Teladoc Health,an over the phone 24/7 telehealth company, again has seen a huge direct impact on their sales with people in medical need unable to leave their homes at times to visit a doctor's office.

Wingstop (WING) now this one surprised me a bit. Never the less, the restaurant chain has had their dining rooms closed since mid-march but the chain's digital orders however have increased by 65%.

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