Have you given up on your New Years resolution yet? Are you using your age as a reason why? I for one cannot wait to workout when I get old. After 10 minutes I'll probably burn off 25 calories and tell myself I am amazing.

But according to a new survey from DigitalHub, there's a point in everyone's life where they start to feel 'too old' to work out.  And the average age when that happens is... 41 years old.

The survey also found the 10 most common excuses people give for skipping a workout. Check 'em out:

  1. Too tired 56%.
  2. Too much work to do 36%.
  3. It was already late 30%.
  4. Bad weather 28%.
  5. Ate too much 23%.
  6. Stayed late at work 22%.
  7. Would rather stay in to watch Netflix, 15%.
  8. It was dark outside 12%.
  9. Bad traffic 12%.
  10. Workout buddy canceled 11%.

These excuses are all fine and dandy, but where's my favorite? "I just wanna go to a buffet instead."