America marked the 71st anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks on Friday, with flags flying at half-staff and a gathering of two thousand people at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii.

I was born 9 1/2 years after the bombing, but my dad used to talk about it.

Dad was 35 at the time, so it made a big impression on him.

He told me they were coming home from church that Sunday morning, and had stopped at a rural grocery store along the Valley Road, north of Montrose.

That's where they heard about the sneak attack by the Japanese..

His memory was this: "We were sad, because we knew it meant war."

And it did, a war that lasted 4 1/2 years with untold sacrifices of lives, luxuries and even the everyday necessities. People went without on the homefront in order to fortify the war effort.

Dad didn't go to war, partly because he was a farmer, producing food. But World War II, coming on the heels of the Great Depression,  left a lasting impact on his generation and mine, that followed.

We must never forget the sacrifices America made, especially those Americans who never came home.