I saw a story that both surprised and didn't surprise me.

The original report was in a publication called the New Mexico Business Weekly, but it was something we can all identify with.

The report quoted the Centre for Retail Research, which said shoplifting will cost the average family an additional $98 just this holiday season, $8.9 billion overall.

The Centre (that's the way they spell it) also says the item most often shoplifted is...alcohol.

Small bottles? Big bottles? Twelve-packs? I don't know.

In fact, it seems to me that amateur shoplifters would need the alcohol before they look to steal something. Alcohol, by the way, is followed by women's clothing and fashion accessories, and then toys. Pretty low, stealing toys at Christmastime.

Imagine yourself as a retailer, needing to recoup the losses from theft. You have to make it up somehow.

But $98 per family is a lot. So keep an eye out for the light-fingered ones in the store.

You'll be saving money for all of us, especially retailers.