Meteorologist Chris Jansen of the National Weather Service says Sioux Falls received several inches of snow on Monday.

"Most of the snow ended before 7 p.m. Monday.  Sioux Falls got 4.6 inches of snow during the day.  That's pretty much over for now," Jansen told KSOO Radio. "We have another system coming through on Wednesday that may bring with us a little bit of rain or snow showers. Then we will have a good warm up as we head for the weekend with above normal temperatures Saturday, Sunday, even into Monday.  Highs of 70's on Saturday and Sunday and in the upper 60's on Monday.  Looks like winter is coming to an end."

"We had our crews come in overnight to clean up some of the residential areas that were slippery as the snow came through," said Gaylynn Huber of the Street Department. "We went around the schools and did clean up work.  With the temperatures we're going to get today, a lot of the residential roads will start to open up today."