In Wednesday’s installment of the Viewpoint University series, “The Number is 13-10,” Rick Knobe and Dan Peters spoke with Greg Johnson in the South Dakota Department of Labor in Sioux Falls.

He assists businesses find employees and job seekers find employment.

With 3.9 percent unemployment, Sioux Falls has one of the lowest rates in the nation.

Johnson said his office has about 3,000 job openings for the area. Johnson says about a third of the approximately 5,200 people looking for work in Sioux Falls are in transition between jobs, another third have severe physical or other barriers to employment and the last third have poor work histories.

Still, Johnson says the job market in Sioux Falls is good.

“Opportunity in just about every industry," Johnson said. "From being a commercial driver to get goods from one place to another to the call centers to obviously to health care. Opportunity is flourishing in Sioux Falls as good as it ever has.”

Johnson did acknowledge that like a lot of cities, Sioux Falls does have some under-employment.

“You know, there is underemployment," he said. "A lot of college graduates and other folks with a good education don’t get the job they want the first time around and take what they need to so they can pay the rent. Those people should keep on looking for the job they want. Make sure they’re keeping their skills up which might be expensive but you need to do it if you really want to step into that career.”

So, if you started at the bottom at the South Dakota Department of Labor, would you make the magic number of $13.10 an hour to afford decent housing in Sioux Falls?

Johnson says yes. Department of Labor employees start at $13.30 to $13.50 an hour.