On the last installment of the Viewpoint University series, “The Magic Number is 1310,” hosts Rick Knobe and Dan Peters talked about the responsibilities that employees and employers have to each other.

They spoke with Kent Alberty of Employment Edge in Sioux Falls and Jim Kellar, a workplace-coaching consultant. Alberty stressed there are certain minimum standards an employee has to have if they not only want a job but to hold a job.

“Show up for work, number one," Alberty said. "Show up with a really good attitude, number two. And be honest what your skills are when you go in for an interview.”

Kellar said employers—particularly large employers—need to pay a living wage. Too often, he says, some companies count on food stamps, Medicaid and other government programs.

“And the reality is that the taxpayers are paying the wages that some of those big companies, and I won’t say their names because McDonalds and Wal-Mart don’t need anymore publicity," Kellar said. "Those big companies aren’t paying a livable wage.”

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