(Dan Peters/KSOO)

KSOO’s Viewpoint University is a live local talk show from 4 until 7pm.  Co-Hosts Rick Knobe and Dan Peters discuss the topics of the day that are affecting the Sioux Falls community.

Here’s what we’ve been highlighting over the past week.  On Monday a first-timer came to the faculty lounge.  South Dakota Secretary of Tribal Relations J.R. LaPlante gave us insight to the important issues affecting the Native American tribes in the state.  One of the recent collaborations between the Department of Public Safety and the Crow Creek Tribe during their recent pow-pow was extremely satisfying.

LaPlante Explains The Agreement and It’s Success

Kevin Thelen of the Eastern South Dakota Chapter of the American Red Cross came by to update the devastating flood in Colorado.  Tuesday was a governmental operations course at VPU.  First we had a Distinguished Professor from Texas A & M and a University of South Dakota Alum Dr. Kenneth Meier to talk about “Public Administration and the Failure of Politics in the United States.”  One failure of government especially at the federal level is the inability to make decisions.  Meier describes that act as cowardice.

Meier Unimpressed with our Elected Leaders

Following up with the governmental theme was Dr. Tim Schorn who is a professor of International Studies at USD.  He gave us his take on the Middle East cauldron.  Schorn would advise President Obama to engage talks with Iran in order to enact calm in the Middle East as opposed to the Russian alternative.

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