Gary Popkes, from Frontier Bank and Shelly Ten Napel, of Community Health Centers will be guests Monday March 27th at Viewpoint University. At the start of class will be a major announcement.

Gary Popkes is working with Active Generations and AARP in presenting  a "Money Matters" event on April 6th. . Identify Theft, Long Term Care Costs, Protecting your Savings, Estate Planning, The Cost of Caregiving, Cyber Security, Planning for Retirement, and  Housing Costs are some of the topics to be covered.

On the issue of Healthcare, we know the Affordable Care Act is still intact, at least for a while. What is the future of Community Health Centers in our National discourse on Health?  Shelly Ten Napel will tell us what she knows on that important topic.

The major announcement will be made at the beginning of class.

Viewpoint University, Monday-Friday 4pm on this website and 1140 KSOO.