The clean-up of the VIewpoint University Wetland Saturday netted five-55 gal. bags of litter.

Most unusual find goes to Johnnie V. of our sister station Hot 104.7. He found a medical insurance card and a dollar bill. Must be his turn to buy coffee.
Gallon milk jugs were an unusual find. Several were scattered around the area. Also insulation and empty bags which contained rock salt, were some of the larger items.
Picking up other people's trash is humbing and frustrating.
 How can so much litter accumulate in such a small space?
As humans, we need to do a better job of taking care of the space we live in.
The pop bottle, plastic bag, and fast food burger package you toss away ends up in our drainage system, which ends up in the river, which ends up in the giant "dead zone" in the gulf of mexico, polluting the waters and killing fish and other wildlife, along the way.
If something inadvertently gets away from you, make it a point to pick up at least two litter items that somebody else dropped, to make up for it.
It costs money, time, and energy to pick up trash. Resources which could be put to helping the poor, the ill, the hungry.
Please don't be part of the problem, be THE SOLUTION.