Growing up watching football religiously, it was always taken to a new level on Thanksgiving with a day full of food, family and of course football.

Usually you have memories of some of the better games and the exciting finishes, but one of my most vivid memories comes from the biggest blunder in Thanksgiving football history.

On a snowy day in Dallas, yes a snowy day in Dallas, Leon Lett made headlines for all the wrong reasons and created the that Thanksgiving blunder.

Leon Lett was on the field goal block team for the first time in a situation where the Cowboys needed a block late in the game against the Miami Dolphins.  The field goal was eventually blocked, but that's where the good fortune for the Cowboys and Lett would end.

Lett for some reason chased down the blocked field goal and ended up in the middle of mass scrum after to touched the ball making it a live football for either team to regain possession.  What made it even worse for Lett was there was snow on the field, which made the ball slide even further after he collided with it.

Needless to say, the Cowboys didn't recover the football and they didn't end up winning the game.  Lett forever cemented himself at the same time as the example of what not to do after a blocked field goal.