Really?  We should be so over this.  For the past couple of years in fact, the Coyotes of South Dakota and the Jackrabbits of South Dakota State have taken their talents into athletic competition.

Volleyball, Golf, Soccer, Track even Basketball games have been held between the two institutions.  Now here we are at the final reunification of the sports programs and apparently thousands will gather to mark the occasion.  People are going ape nuts over this contest to the point of salivating on the first strains of the school songs.

On a serious note, this contest should be more fun for the Yellow & Blue.  Not only is the record more favorable for S.D. State, but also the playoff implications for the Jackrabbits make this a more meaningful game.  The ‘Yotes are at the end of a dreadful season and would like nothing more than to have both teams play their last game on Saturday.

The Jacks losing would actually be a shame considering that playoffs is not a word closely associated with either of these football programs.  South Dakota State has made the playoffs twice in the past 35 years although the last was in 2009.  The ‘U’ made the NCAA Division 2 title game in 1986, but lost to North Dakota State.  So there should be a little pull to the north in this rivalry to see if SDSU can succeed in the second season.

Now a proposal which would be the start of a great tradition, but highly unlikely considering the acerbic past relationship between the two schools and their alumni.  After the event on the gridiron, the spectators stand up and applaud both teams.  Teams and spectators revel in an event but at completion show respect.  A quaint request but at least in someone’s best dream that’s how it ends.