Ronda Rousey once again stepped into the octagon on Saturday night and was ready to put on a show. As most know though, don't blink.

The dominate fighter entered her fight against Bethe Correia on a rampage against other UFC competition. Rousey finished her previous three fights in a combined one minute and 36 seconds. Now after this past weekend she has finished four fights in a combined two minutes and 10 seconds.

$54.99 to watch one UFC pay-per-view in HD. That has been the standard price for them over the past few years, and no exception is made for Ronda Rousey. She has captivated the nation by finishing fights so quick that people want to see if she can do it again. That alone is all the UFC needs to sell her as the top bill of the show.

Many people this weekend on Twitter seemed upset that they spent the money on the show for 34 seconds worth of a main event. My family ordered UFC 190 (not exactly by my request) because they wanted to see her fight. I warned them, considering they had no interest in the undercard, that they would be spending $54.99 to watch what would be a 30-60 second fight. They got as I advertised, but they weren't upset about it.

But if you were upset about it, you should have known the product going in. This happens in the UFC where main events sometimes don't even make it to the second round. This has become a common occurrence with Rousey and she even acknowledged in a post-fight press conference that she would like to be on the same card as the upcoming Jose Aldo/Connor McGregor fight. Why? Not because she doesn't like the top billing, but more so because of the amount of money that could be made on that show.

It's a smart business decision on her part. She has finished so many fights in a short stint of time that people might start to pass on ordering her fights if she's in the main event. If she gets onto another card with another huge main event, the money on the show would easily equal, at minimum, what she would make on a show with top billing.

Next time Rousey fights, regardless if she's the main event or co-main event on the Aldo/McGregor card, please realize that the fight probably won't make it out of the first round. Know your product before you order it. Sit back, enjoy, and expect to see a knockout. And like Rousey told Correia after knocking her out, "don't cry."