Hundreds of passengers fly in and out of Sioux Falls Regional Airport every day. What greets them upon arrival or departure is fantastic artwork to enhance the experience.

Recent terminal renovations are of great benefit to passengers who take flights in and out of Sioux Falls. The upgrades help streamline the security process which reduces wait times.

Much like the personal touches added to one’s home to make it more inviting to visitors, FSD commissioned works to capture the spirit of aviation. Other pieces pay homage to the South Dakota landscape. The picture above depicts a sunset with a Sioux Falls skyline as the foundation across the bottom of the visage produced by David Rose of Fairfield, Iowa.

Dan Peters/Results Radio

This example consists of a couple panels with the first depicting a child's wonder at the miracle of flight.

Dan Peters/Results Radio

A tribute to an aviation pioneer Amelia Earhardt graces a different portion of the panel to recognize that those dreams can be realized. Mary Groth of Sioux Falls contributed her talent to these works.

Dan Peters/Results Radio

The South Dakota prairie is the iconic panoramic view that is stamped on those who have seen it from above or at ground level. This is a piece provided by Jane Lauren of Sioux Falls.

See these works and much more on your next visit to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

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