Submitted by Patrick Callahan - The House State Affairs Committee this morning unanimously voted to amend HR7001, the articles of impeachment concerning State Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.  The amended articles effectively halt the impeachment proceedings and cast doubt on if or when the issue may be taken up in the future.

District 24 State Representative Will Mortenson introduced the original resolution last week.  He testified today that lawmakers have “an obligation to our constitutional duties” and that impeachment was an “exceptional mechanism” only to be used in “exceptional circumstances.”  Mortenson says the Attorney Generals' actions are such a circumstance.

House Speaker Spencer Gosch then moved an amended resolution, HR7001F, which effectively halts any discussion of impeachment proceedings until after a Hyde County court resolves the misdemeanor charges against Ravnsborg.

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HR7001F will next go to the House floor.  As a House Resolution, no Senate action is required.

As of yesterday evening, this was where the trial stood according to Dakota News Now.

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