UPDATE: Whoops. Fell for this one hook line an sinker. We heard back from Steve Wilson, and others. Turns out the photo is legit, but it was taken out of state, in New Jersey in 2014.

I didn’t mean to alarm anyone, or cry fire in a crowded theater. Or in this case, bear in a cornfield.


Unusual, yes. I received a message on Facebook this morning from Steve Wilson. Steve has been kind enough to send me pictures and videos of wildlife stuff he thinks sportsmen might be interested in. But when I say this I thought, really?

The picture is of a bear, allegedly seen in the Salem, South Dakota area. Hoax? Don't know. Possible? Maybe. What do you think. Have you heard anything? If you were driving the combine or the grain cart or truck and took the picture I'd love to hear from you.

I'll make a call to Ralph from Tuschen Taxidermy in Salem later today and talk with him to try to verify.

In the meantime, it's crazy if it's true. Crazy enough for you to share with your hunting friends and family.