Now that your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight is neatly tucked into the 2015 file for consideration, July 21 is your day to give in without guilt.  Something so commonplace such as junk food actually does a national holiday whether you choose to observe or not.

For all the comparisons of putting regular unleaded into a Lamborghini, you can take a break from the fruits and veggies or at least supplement your diet with a guilty pleasure.  Chocolate would apply, certainly.  There would also be any manner of sweet or salty to please the palate.

Straight from the bag is the easy way to go, for sure.  However there is nothing wrong with garnishing that casserole with potato chips or finishing that glass of milk with a cookie along side.  Oops, too healthy.  The candy bar and a root beer ought to do the trick.


Even that seasoned cracker could become part of the recipe instead of snuggling against that main dish.  Cheez-It Chicken Fingers anyone?  Consuming in moderation would be an acceptable course to take.  Lest that regret on January 1 comes bearing down on you with both barrels.  On the other hand, defying the initiatives of the First Lady for 24 hours also has its allure.