With Spring now officially here, I recently ran across an article from Kevin Woster he wrote a few years back for the Argus Leader.

I kept it because I found it really interesting.

Apparently, the first day of Spring a little "March Mystery" happens at Blue Mounds State Park near Luverne, Minnesota.

On the first day of Spring (and the first day of Autumn), the sun rises and sets precisely above a quarter mile long row of rocks lined up exactly east and west.  According to a park Naturalist, it's more than a quirk of geology.  "It's definitely man made.  The stones are arrow straight, east and west.  You can set a compass by them."  The stones are mostly the familiar pink quartzite that's found in so many place in the region.  They range in size from "a hefty handful to lunkers the size of a car engine."  Theories range from ancient civilizations to some creative and muscular sheep herder who needed a fence on his property.

I definitely need to get over there some time to experience it for myself - maybe this Fall.