Professor Joe Dondelinger chair of Augustana's Government and International Affairs Dept, Matt Koch, VP with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Dr. Wendy Parent Johnson from USD will be guests on VPU today(Wednesday).

Prof. Dondelinger will discuss the short and long term situation in the Ukraine, and what an appropriate role and response from the U.S Government might look like.

Matt Koch is involved in energy issues with the U.S. Chamber. He will be discussing future of the Keystone XL Pipeline and where it fits into our energy strategy.

Dr. Wendy Parent Johnson is Executive Director of the Center for Disabilities with the School of Medicine at USD. She will discuss an upcoming symposium in Chamberlain and the role of the Center for Disabilities in our state.

Today is weigh in day for Mary, Todd, Alan, and Rick. Will the scale be kind to us?