Twas the week before Christmas and all through the town,
people scurried and scampered for the best sales around.
With car horns honking and all the malls packed,
we can soon lose our patience and forget how to act.
We fail to remember what Christmas is for,
instead of a blessing, it becomes more a chore.
We have cookies to bake and presents to buy,
stockings to hang and ribbons to tie.
Santa is lucky, he has all those elves.
We too need to find some time for ourselves.
So take a long walk, count backwards from 10,
drink some hot chocolate, or talk to a friend.
Smile at a stranger and brighten their day,
maybe even let Calgon "take you away."
Get enough sleep for sound body and mind,
or maybe read a good book to help you unwind.
Look at your budget, don't get in dire straits,
remember, not everyone is as rich as Bill Gates.
Remember that giving comes from the heart,
not from the highest priced thing at Wal-Mart.
As Santa exclaimed as he drove out of sight,
"Take a deep breath, it'll be alright."


(Written by Lynn K. Albers of Madison, SD)