With widespread support in the South Dakota House, HB 1008 begins its trek through the Senate.

This legislation is getting attention on a national scale as Kelsey Harkness who writes for The Daily Signal website finds that South Dakota would be on the cutting edge on setting bathroom rules for transgender students.

Harkness reveals, “If it passes the Senate and is signed by the Governor, (South Dakota) would be the first state to proactively say that if you are either a student or an individual using a public restroom or a public locker room you need to use (the facility) that corresponds with the gender with which you were born.”

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On a broad scale, Harkness says the battle field is wide open with teams working in both directions pushing hard to get their plan in place. “It’s kind of who can pass these their law first, the LGBT groups or the people who are concerned about these types of policies. South Dakota is one of those states who are out in front of the game ahead of the LGBT groups trying to push these rules in other states nationwide.”

The bill passed the South Dakota House by a 58-10 margin. It is scheduled for a first hearing in the Senate Education Committee Thursday.