According to officials at Wind Cave National Park in western South Dakota there are too many elk in the park. They want to reduce the herd by 600 animals over the next two years to eliminate overgrazing.

Their plan is to use helicopters to move them onto other property.

At a public meeting in Hot Springs some local landowners didn't like the plan because elk can do just as much damage on private land as they do on public land. South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Regional Wildlife Manager John Kanta says there are programs to help landowners deal with depredation problems.

In the past, excess elk were rounded up and sold to Native American Tribes from other states. Chronic wasting disease ended that practice.

Rather than pushing the excess elk problem to somebody else here is an idea: bring back the wolf. Wolves like elk meat. They are good at culling herds. Wolves take out the weak, old, and slow. Strong elk survive.

When  the wolves wander, just like elk, buffalo, deer, antelope, and mountain lions, man can step in with hunts to provide the "balance of nature."

We have too many elk because there are not enough predators. Man as a predator doesn't want to take out the old and infirm. They want trophy animals.

Allowing wolves to be wolves will eliminate the weak, making the strong stronger - more and better trophy animals for human predators..

This is a win/win solution. It is simple, common sense, and fits into God's original plan.

We should do it.