I am now the proud wearer of trifocals, although I'm not sure "proud" is the right word.

I'd worn bifocals since I was 35 or so, and have pretty much gotten along.

But being a diabetic for more than 50 years does something to the eyesight, and none of it is good. And when I got new glasses more than a year ago, I had trouble reading.

Add to that I spend pretty much all of my workday at a computer, and you can guess the rest. I speak and write for a living, so seeing the computer screen or what I'm reading at a blur is not good.

My mother wore trifocals, but she got hers back in the days when the different strengths ran all the way across the lens, the way my first bifocals did. She used to say stairs were difficult, and I think I know what she meant.

But I always use handrails on steps anyway, and not because of my vision.

I have to say it's easier to read now, and I suspect the computer screen will be clearer when tilting my head at the proper angle becomes second nature rather than a conscious act.

It's all an adventure, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

Like I have a choice.