With June being National 'Etiquette Month,' you may be asking yourself, "What flies and what doesn't in today's society?"  It seems like the 'rules' are constantly changing when it comes to proper etiquette...or lack, thereof.

I threw the question out on social media and over the radio, and here are the top three responses that folks admitted to being a little fuzzy about.

Question #1 - When someone sends you an email, how quickly should you get back to them?  According to etiquette experts, you should respond within 24 hours for business matters (or faster, depending on content) and 24 to 48 hours for personal messages.

Question #2 - When a phone call gets disconnected, who's responsible for making the call to reconnect?  According to etiquette experts, the individual who initiated the call is the one responsible for redialing the other person's number.

Question #3 - You're walking along and talking with a co-worker when you realize that both of you are headed for the restroom; should you continue speaking once you're inside?  No, according to etiquette experts.  When you're in a public restroom with a friend or co-worker, proper etiquette is to pause your conversation until both of you have completed your 'business.'

If you have any other etiquette questions, or would like to add to the list, feel free to share.