Hard to believe we're only 11 months away from Christmas! - ha ha.

If you're in search of "conversation starters," today is:

  • The birthday of Saran Wrap.  The plastic film was actually the result of a laboratory accident.  Dow wasn't sure what to do with the stuff until the military needed a protective wrapping for equipment being sent overseas.  It wasn't until after WW2 that Dow realized Saran Wrap could keep both tanks and tuna fresh.
  • The birthday of Bubble Wrap.  At one time it was promoted as being a new type of wallpaper - never caught on though.
  • Speak Up And Succeed Day.  Remember good leaders tend to also be good listeners.
  • Fun At Work Day.  Here's a little something that should make you feel a little deprived at work.  A new survey finds that 36% of women have flashed a male coworker on the job - enough said.
  • A Room of One's Own Day.  Many consider the bathroom to be that "special place."  A new survey finds that 12% of us see the bathroom as a place to unwind.  10% say they do their best thinking in the bathroom.  And 21% of those polled admit that bathroom time is the only private time they have all day.

And on a related note, Sunday is Thomas Crapper Day.  He's the guy who invented the flush toilet - Celebrate however you wish!