The latest moves in the South Dakota political world revolve around the race for Tim Johnson’s Senate seat. Senator Johnson officially throws his support behind Rick Weiland the Democrat candidate.

In an email to supporters provided by Northern Plains News, Johnson explains his reasons for attaching himself to the Sioux Falls businessman.

"He is smart, hard-working, and perhaps most important, unafraid to take on the powerful special interests that have far too much influence in Washington, D.C.  I believe that folks are ready for a new direction in this country, one that places a higher priority on addressing the needs of everyday people, rather than the greed of special interests."

It’s not the only swirling from the Senate campaign.  Republican candidate Larry Rhoden submitted his commitment to running for two terms should he win the election.

Rhoden who is a State Senator and rancher from Union Center invited the other candidates in the race to join his pledge to limit the number of terms served in our nation’s capital.  Rhoden is facing off against State Representative Stace Nelson, Dr. Annette Bosworth and former Governor Mike Rounds on the Republican side.