Police were able to subdue a Sioux Falls man who was a little out of control on Saturday night. The taser came in handy during this altercation.

After 9:00 PM reports came to Metro Communications about a man was thought to be committing a burglary. Instead police found the suspect smashing windows in the area of 403 S. Walts Avenue.

Police Lt. Dave McIntire said officers were then threatened by the man.

“When one of the officers approached him, (the suspect) threw a metal lawn chair at the officer. He picked up a second chair against the officer’s orders and appeared that he was going to throw that one at officers.”

Before the situation could escalate, another officer on scene used the taser on 35-year-old Fernandez Amesoli of Sioux Falls. He is charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

No officers were struck by any flying debris during the incident and a damage estimate was unavailable. However, police do believe alcohol and drugs were a factor in Amesoli’s behavior.

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