On this day in history, June 27, 1985 a piece of American history was officially put on the shelf. The American Association of State Highway and Transportaion decertified Route 66 twenty-eight years ago today.

In 2006, the road was resurrected as a theme of the animated movie Cars. Back when it was a wagon trail, the sentiments were not so glowing. Nonetheless, over 2000 miles spanned the distance between Chicago and the west coast and millions used it to go cross-country.

The road linked numerous small towns and allowed farmers to ship grain to local terminals. It also provided a jump start to the trucking industry as an option to transport goods.

Most people can still sing along with the melody of the song written by Bobby Troup and covered by countless artists.  It was even made into a TV show.  According to the History Channel about 85 percent of the road is still in operation today, but not officially as U.S. Route 66.