Chances are you have an account that is linked to Google. Whether it is a personal Gmail, work Gmail, YouTube account, Android phone, or Blogger account, some of the most popular technology uses are brought back directly to Google.

A few years ago, Google opened up a dashboard that allows users to see how much is really stored in Google. To access the information that has been saved to your account visit the google dashboard.

I was recently reminded of the Google Dashboard by a post that I saw on twitter. Out of curiosity, I visited my Google Dashboard for my longest tenured account.

What I found was quite interesting.

  • Google shows every device linked to the Google account. This includes Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android etc. It also shows what internet provider was used to connect to it (Midcontinent, CenturyLink, etc.)
  • Shows every blog that an individual creates, and those that still might be out there.
  • Events listed in the Google Calendar
  • All phone contacts that are linked to your phone. This includes their email addresses. Although, I've found this applies to Android phones. I have not had an Android phone in over two years and it only includes contacts that I have up to that point. Also shows the contacts that you interact with more than anyone else.
  • Shows every Google Document that was opened, and that was participated in.
  • Shows most recent Gmail email received and the total amount of conversations that have been used on that account.
  • Every photo that was uploaded via Google
  • Location history
  • Google Talk history and amount of time spent talking to individuals.
  • Every Google search history (unless you disable it)
  • Displays every YouTube search and video watched

Granted, there isn't a whole that would be a complete shock. The information that Google is keeping is the information that is constantly provided to it.

On the plus side, I've used Google to my advantage for storing information. When I switched phones (after my previous one took a nice swim), I was able to retain my contacts from Google. It also is helpful for going back and finding information that you previously had stored.

But if you find yourself uncomfortable with the information that is being stored by Google, access your Google Dashboard and adjust the privacy settings.