We will get through these tough times and will look back at where we are currently someday. But for now, perhaps it could be a time for reflection on what we enjoy about life and our city. After COVID-19 passes, these are some of the things we hope to get back to doing on a regular basis within our community:

Go Physically Shopping in Stores Again:

Credit: Google Street View

Who doesn't miss touching the merchandise your about to buy huh? Especially tech gadgets, clothing, home decor anything! Before this impacted our lives I know some of us were probably saving up for and or were planning on buying something(s). All that has been put on hold due to the financial strain that a lot of us are feeling right now because of the pandemic.

Go See a Movie in a Movie Theatre:

Google Street View

Remember how good those slushies tasted right before the lights were dimmed and the commercials started? Awe the good ol' days am I right? I miss the smell of buttered popcorn when you first entered the Century Movie Theatre lobby.

Dining in at Our Favorite Restaurants:

Credit: Goolgle Street View

I can not wait to one-day again be able to order an appetizer, entree and have some dessert while sitting some of our restaurants' dining rooms again. Having the server recommend their favorite menu items and not having to go home to eat your meal.

Share a Cup of Coffee with a Big Group of Friends & Family:

Credit: Taneil Johnson TSM

This is a big thing I think we all took a bit for granted before COVID-19, just spending time slowing down for a bit to catching up with our loved ones over a simple cup of coffee.

Not having any fear anymore of being less than 6 feet away from someone:

Anyone else miss giving hugs and handshakes? Will elbow bumping be the new normal? I also now notice how weary people are in the grocery store of how close they stand to one another and we can all understand why but it wasn't we really were aware of before while waiting to checkout.

Let us know what you miss the most about life before COVID-19. We are here with you as we all navigate the new normal. We hope both you and your family are staying safe!

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