Two people are accused of stealing a Salvation Army kettle over the weekend from inside a convenience store on West 12th Street in Sioux Falls.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says police were alerted early Saturday to a report of two people beating on a vehicle near the 1700 block of West 10th Street, and he says an officer who responded found a man and a woman about a block away on West 10th.

"As the officer drove up he heard the woman telling the guy to run. The guy stuck around for a short time. He ended up pulling out a Salvation Army collection kettle from under his coat," explained Clemens. "The woman was pushing the officer, trying to keep him away from the guy and still telling the guy to run. So the officer dealth with the woman and arrested her for obstruction and then she began to kick at the officer so he also charged her with resisting arrest. At some point the guy decided he was going to run, so he took off."

Clemens says police learned that the kettle had been stolen from inside a Get 'N Go store at 1500 West 12th Street. He says 27-year-old Kristin Marie Moller was arrested and charged with obstruction, resisting arrest, petty theft and intentional damage to property.

The male suspect was not located.