Congress finally settled on something that keeps us away from the fiscal cliff, but not forever. It's not even for much more than a couple of months.

And wait until they start arguing--Oh, excuse me, debating--the debt ceiling and other topics that seem to bring out the uber-partisanship.

And it's not just debt. They also will, we're told, take up spending levels and the debt ceiling, so the finger-pointing and blaming will flare anew.

Both parties seem to be like a friend of mine in journalism says, "We may be bad, but the other side is worse!"

The two months of avoiding across-the-board spending cuts will fly by, and before anyone in Washington can say "Compromise and consensus are evil," they'll be wrangling away again, trying to beat a deadline every single one of them knew was coming.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen or heard anything lately to make me even a little optimistic.

I'm just going to hope they remember why they're there, and whose interests they're supposed to be looking out for.