We'll pay you $20 per hour to get fit. I thought the ad I recently saw on Facebook. What a concept. Make some money and firm up your abs and your arms. Heck work if you work fast enough and you could probably factor in an increase in your cardio capacity as well. Get $20 per hour to keep in shape. It was a heck of a hook.

As is the case, an offer that sounds too good to be true comes with some sort of a caveat. This offer did indeed. The offer went on to read, we'll pay you $20 to stay in shape by 'shoveling snow.'

Part of me can hear you thinking, thanks but no thanks. But the ad from Soukup Construction rings true. The ad on Facebook read Soukup Construction is hiring people who love to shovel snow and get paid. They're looking for energetic men and women to shovel sidewalks. The pay is $20 and you must be available when it Shows.

They said you can fill out an application at 701 North Ebenezer Avenue or check out their website at soukupconstruction.com. Or Call Joan at 605.332.5282.

It's good old fashioned, calus producing muscle building manual labor. The conditions may not always be favorable, but I imagine the tomatoe soup and grilled cheese sandwich you'll be eating for supper after working all day and the good night's sleep that comes after a day's hard work might be just what the doctor ordered.