Ok, so it's not factual that the whole state of Kentucky ascended on North Texas over the last few days to cheer on their Wildcats, but it sure feels that way here in the Dallas area.

Big Blue Nation or #BBN as they like to be referred to on twitter is everywhere you go here in North Texas.  From the restaurants, to the shopping centers, to the NCAA Fan Fest and not to mention I assume tonight at AT&T Stadium, BBN is in full effect.

This is no new phenomenon, as I've been covering college basketball for years and one thing that hold true over and over again is that the Kentucky faithful back up their passion by traveling and supporting their "Cats".

For example, during my time in Nashville doing radio, I covered multiple SEC Tournaments, both in Nashville and Atlanta.  During those tournaments, it wasn't even close in regards to the ratio of Kentucky fans v. the rest.  So much so that during SEC Tournament time or even the year Kentucky won it all in the Georgia Dome, the city of Atlanta turned into "CatLanta".

Furthermore, in the lobby of the hotel I'm at, the Westin Park Central Dallas, #BBN has over 300 rooms booked according to a member of the staff and has rented out space to "prepare" and "hydrate" before the big games.

Jeff Thurn

Some fans may scream the loudest, some may have the most money, but regardless of the sport, when it comes to College Basketball, there isn't another program in this country that has the support at the actual events like the Wildcats of Kentucky.

We will see if that support from the #BBN is enough to help propel Kentucky to their 9th National Title this weekend here in North Texas at the Final Four.