I still hate spam in my e-mail inbox, and I'm still inundated by it.

I know I've written about this before, but it never ends. And I'll bet it doesn't for you, either.

I clean out my spam inbox, and soon I have more, and it's the same junk.

There's one that says it's from "Healthier Sleeping." Sure as anything, they're going to try to sell me something I either could figure out on my own, or would get no benefit from if I bought it.

There's another called "Citrix GoToMeeting," and the subject line says it's "8 cartoons that poke fun at common IT issues." Cartoons? You're clogging my inbox with cartoons? Should I care?

Of course, there are the political e-mails, of one persuasion more than the other.

And let's not forget "Free Score Online," which says "View Your Credit Score and Refinance with Better Rate." There it is. They're going to sell me a loan with a better rate. A better rate than what? What do they know about my (our, really) rate?

I know there's nothing I can do about it. If I respond and tell them to take a hike, they realize they have a valid e-mail address on their hands, so they can send more.

All I can say is, when big cracks appear in the earth, e-mail spammers deserve to be among the first to be pushed in.