Before leaving on summer vacation, you need to know the rules for declaring "Shotgun" to the passenger seat of the vehicle.

The history of calling "Shotgun" actually goes back to the days of the Wild West.

On a trip across the plains, the driver of a wagon would hold the reins.  To avoid sneak attacks from bandits, one person would sit next to the driver with a shotgun.

Today, when someone calls "Shotgun," that means they're wanting to sit in the front passenger seat.

There are some unwritten rules you need to follow however:

  • You must say the word "Shotgun" to stake your claim on Shotgun.
  • This must be done clearly and loud enough so that at least one other to be occupant of the vehicle can hear you.
  • Shotgun may only be called after the end of the activity directly preceding the ride in the car.
  • There is no crime greater than calling "Shotgun" on Monday in reference to an upcoming car ride on Friday.

I just thought you should know this being it's "Tourism Week" and the summer travel season will be here before you know it.