Superintendent of Sioux Falls Schools, Dr. Pam Homan and DeeAnn Konrad, Communications Director for the district will kick off "The Magic number is 1310" series today(Monday) on Viewpoint University.

Last fall, Dr Homan released numbers showing a large increase in the number of children receiving reduced/free lunches in our schools. She also released information showing that poverty isn't just north of 18th street anymore.

At nearly the same time, elected officials, economic development  and business leaders were expressing happiness over our low unemployment rate and the continual rise in sales tax revenue in Sioux Falls.

There are 500 children on a list waiting for a mentor in our schools. The waiting list for people qualifying for "affordable housing" continues to grow and requests for mass transit services are out striping the city's ability to meet them.

We are going to explore this dichotomy. The series is called "The Magic Number is 1310" this week each day between 5 and 6 pm on this website and 1140 KSOO. ,