With another blast of snow, cold and wind from Old Man Winter, now is the perfect time to remember the importance of removing snow away from fire hydrants in your neighborhood.

From people snow blowing and shoveling, to city crews plowing the streets, often times fire hydrants can become buried under a small mountain of snow making them difficult to find. This means that during a fire emergency, firefighters are forced to take time to locate the hydrant and shovel around it, taking precious time away from doing their job - stopping the fire!

Don't keep the hydrant on your block 'undercover.'  Hydrants should be seen!  Help your local fire department by shoveling about a 3 foot clearance on all sides of the hydrant.

By taking the extra time to shovel around the hydrant closest to your home or business, consider this a way to help improve neighborhood safety in your community.  Remember, the home or business you might save - could be your own!