There are many reason why a person gets sick.

Not eating right.  Not enough sleep.  Being around others who are sick and don't have the courtesy to take care of themselves.  Bad hygiene.

If you've noticed more sniffles, sneezes and coughing around the office that should be a warning to you.

Increase your own force shield by washing your hands, using hand sanitizer and load up on the vitamin C.

In a recent study we learned you're more likely to get a cold during the first two weeks of November than any other time of the year. That happens to be right now.

But that doesn't mean we all feel great the other 50 weeks out of the year. The study also found that between illnesses, headaches, hangovers, and injuries, the average person only feels 100% healthy 171 days out of the year.

That means you spend about half your life feeling like something is wrong.

This is definitely the worst time of year though. The average person skips six social events in the winter because they're just not feeling up to going.

Now where is my mask!