Three weeks and two days past the 2012 General Elections, and the 2014 campaign is on.

That's right--by now you know that former Governor Mike Rounds says he is an official candidate for the US Senate seat now held by Democrat Tim Johnson.

This was no surprise, as Rounds has been positioning himself to run for a while now, having formed an "exploratory committee" earlier. Now, has anyone ever formed an exploratory committee to look into running, only to be told it's far too early? Not this time, at least.

The ex-governor says he announced early to conform to federal fundraising guidelines, and that he'll hold off on the actual campaigning. His announcement drew quick responses from the other side, including from Sen. Johnson, who says his official announcement will come later this year.

And Ben Nesselhuf, who chairs the South Dakota Democratic Party, says Rounds is "a nice guy with the wrong priorities for the US Senate."

So there it is, the first salvo in the 2014 campaign.

Heaven help us all.