The final installment of “The Magic Number is $13.10” arrived Friday with the intention matching employer and employee. 

Featured guests included Kent Alberty who is with Employment Edge, a company providing staffing and business services in our area. Joining him was Jim Kellar, a consultant with businesses to help improve morale, productivity, and profitability for businesses.

Honest communication is the integral part of the boss/worker dynamic.  Specific requirements should be laid out by the supervisor so the employee knows what is expected.  The employee also needs to probe for potential advancement along the career path. Alberty also cautions those who are applying for positions to be honest about their skill set on their resume.

Even though every available position has its own challenges, there are basic rules that every worker should follow no matter their situation.  Kellar says in his performance coaching experience, if you show up at the appointed time, dress in the appropriate way and be ready to fulfill the task most of the battle is done.

When it comes to supervisors who hold a position of authority, a piece of advice would be don’t abuse that power.  Also, training workers properly to move ahead in their careers goes a long way toward fostering a positive environment.  In addition, there should be more than just the once-a-year evaluation conversation between the superior and subordinate.  Kellar says frustration blooms when an employee’s wrong is not confronted.

For a fuller take on the discussion among the parties involved, audio samples are provided.

Jim Kellar defines “Performance Coaching” and Kent Alberty’s suggestions for job seekers.

“Talk to me, boss.  You owe me more than just a paycheck.”  If there are surprises in the evaluation, there is a failure to communicate.

You want to hear an employer tell it like it is?  Listen to this want ad.

Poverty feeds desperation and hopelessness.  To break the cycle, inspiration is needed and childhood is the best place to groom it.

Many thanks to our guests and contributors who helped make this series possible.

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