Sanford Health is making a concerted effort to help people create "Advance Directives." Dr. Dan Heinemann, Chief Medical Officer, and Kelly Hasvold, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, suggest having the family conversation during the holidays and  discuss the advantages of having a directive on A Better You, Saturday 11am on this webpage and 1140 KSOO.

The last days of a person's life can be the most medically expensive. Those days can also be the most stressful for family members and close friends. Not knowing what the patient wants to have done, or not done, can wreak havoc emotionally and financially.

An Advance Directive, is the document which offers the path the patient wants to take during their last days on the planet.

Medical providers at Sanford have the forms. Asking for them is a way to start the conversation. Having the talk with family members, creating the directive, and distributing it the medical people, and the family can make the difficult transition easier.

We will walk you thru the process during A Better You, Saturday at 11am on 1140 KSOO and this webpage.