I know I can be an old stick-in-the-mud, but it seems to me when I spend money in a store, I should at least expect to hear "Thank You."

The other day we were in a local store where we spent more than $100. When the cash register clerk gave my wife the receipt she said "There you go."

Now "there y0u go" seems to be interchangeable with "have a good one!"

But I would still like to know why clerks apparently can't or don't thank the customer. Is it the way they are trained? Do they just not think of saying "thank you?" Am I not being realistic? (OK, that's possible)

A friend of mine worked in retail for a long time, and for much of his career he owned the store. He says managers are probably just happy to have a warm body at the cash register.

I know of people who respond to "there you go!" or something similar with "you're welcome!"

I feel better now, so thanks for reading this. Or maybe I'll just say "Have a good one!"