You may love her or you may hate her, but she is passionate about she believes.  An admirable trait for someone who thinks she is on the right path.  The person of whom we speak is snow gate advocate and Sioux Falls resident Teresa Stehly and she is on a mission to get the gates.  If you are unfamiliar with the gates, once the snow flies these contraptions will assist in snow removal and the main benefit is a lack of a snow windrow in driveways which is difficult, even onerous to remove.


Teresa thinks it’s time to act and she is circulating petitions to bring the matter to a public vote.  It is a noble cause, but realize the city of Sioux Falls does have some of  the gates and wants to do more testing before actually taking the plunge.  Stehly does have some support amongst members of the council, notably Greg Jamison and Kermit Staggers.  Mayor Mike Huether is also on board, but that is not enough for the entire council to proceed.  Three more council members would need to step forward in support to put snow gates on all the motor graders that the city has and others that the city leases through contract for snow removal.

Thursday on Viewpoint University while in the faculty lounge, Stehly took to the airwaves to plead her case.  She graciously stayed for almost an hour to talk snow gates and her petition drive.  It’s hard to fathom that people would take an hour out of their lives to just think about improving their community.  Teresa Stehly, right or wrong takes the time to act on her initiative.