Let me just preface by saying there are some things you do not want to buy at the dollar store; crab legs, sump pumps, and sushi come to  mind.

However, everyone likes to save a buck or two, and if you've already started back-to-school shopping, you'll need a financial break. Here's 10 school supplies you can buy at the dollar store:

  1. Highlighters - The cheap ones can last just as long as the name-brand ones.
  2. Folders - Three for a buck. Boom.
  3. Clipboards - Just a plain brown one will do. Then, print a design of your choice and border it with fun tape.
  4. Pens - As many times as your kid loses pens, when you see a box for a dollar, you jump on it.
  5. Rulers - Last time we checked, an inch at the dollar store was just as long.
  6. Dry erase markers - Much like pens, your going to lose them. They might not last quite as long as the $3.99 marker in another store, but your saving money.
  7. Paper clips and rubber bands - Everyone sells these in packs. Might as well get more in a discount pack.
  8. Scissors - Kids aren't performing precise surgeries with these instruments. Any scissors will cut paper. I like the dollar odds here.
  9. Hand sanitizer - The easy part is finding $1 hand sanitizer. The hard part is trying to make your kid actually use it.
  10. Construction paper - I defy any kid to tell you their construction paper is better. It's pretty much all the same. Here's to 50 sheets for a buck.

So Long, Granola. Wheaties Makes Beer Now.

source: yahoo